Clients Have Said…

“Coaching was instrumental in getting me to focus on priorities, balance work and relationships, and structure my studying for the Professional Engineering (PE) Exam. Krista helped me realize that my  current career really is the best fit for me, I just needed to pass the PE Exam and learn certain things about myself essential to my business success. She helped me become a more confident individual at work and in my social life. I have gotten married, passed the PE Exam, and now excel in the workplace!”
—Erin P., Norfolk, VA

“Krista’s presence sparks motivation! With her help, I started my own tutoring business, which has really grown. I love her fresh ideas and positive spirit that always keep me going!”
—Danielle S., Camp Lejeune, NC

“I looked forward to my weekly coaching geared towards my goal of passing the Bar exam. Krista helped me create a study schedule and stick to it, as well as fight my anxiety and look for a job. She made an otherwise stressful deployment smooth and productive. (And yes, I passed the Bar exam!)”
—Monica C., San Diego, CA

“Coaching provides an honest sounding board for me; and Krista provides good advice on how to handle the stresses of my work as a project management support specialist.  Following our sessions, I always feel more grounded and energized to try a new approach to a particular problem. Krista is always calm and encouraging, yet pushes me to the next level, and I find that she is very professional, yet personal, in her approach.”
—Cathy B., Washington, DC

A Military Spouse Case Study

Beth wanted to finish her undergraduate degree. Her husband was re-deployed and she was no longer located near the college where she had started her schoolwork. We developed a plan for her to pursue distance learning, and then transfer the courses back to her original college for credit. During this time, Beth was home taking care of her young children and also doing volunteer work.

A career assessment revealed that a good career match for Beth would be a librarian, so she arranged informational interviews with local librarians. Beth discovered that she would need to earn a Master’s degree in Library Science in order to have the kind of job she wanted. Undaunted, she continued her undergraduate work, and along the way, started a volunteer program on her own to bring library books to people who were housebound.

The library was so impressed with Beth’s program, that they offered her a position in the children’s section, where she didn’t need a Master’s degree…and she was able to bring her own children to work!

Beth often reflects on her coaching and writes me from time to time, expressing her gratitude for the work we accomplished together. To me, it’s mutually beneficial, as I feel fulfilled when I hear wonderful success stories like Beth’s.

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