Turn Chores into Good Cheer

Turn Chores Into Good Cheer tips from The Military Spouse CoachDecorating your home, writing out cards, or putting together a photo calendar for a gift can all seem like daunting, monotonous tasks. But when you invite a friend over for some hot chocolate and Christmas music, you’d be surprised by how effortless they feel! I try to do this early in the season so that at least one thing is checked off my list by the time the chaotic eye of the holiday storm arrives (not to mention, having my holiday cards done in October allows me to forgive myself if decorations don’t make it up until Christmas Eve!).

It’s not about perfection—it’s about making the season fun. I like having friends over to decorate the tree with me and the kids, otherwise it just feels like a chore. I often choose a friend who doesn’t have any local family, just like us. It’s a great way to make a friend feel more like family and share a special moment together.

This year I got together with my friend Kaleea and she and her kids helped me decorate the tree. I also got together with my friend Nicole one night and we made calendars. Its just about having fun while you are getting things done and not feeling like you have to do it all. I told my professional coach Amy that I want to stay balanced this holiday and she challenged me with a great question that I will pass on to all of you. “What would staying balanced look like to you?”

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