Tackle Pesky Tolerations

You know summer is coming and you know you will be able to rest, but its hard to really embrace relaxation when your mind is clouded with little things that you know you want to take care of but you haven’t.

I know for my family, spring is a busy time of year with summer activities so lots of “little things” don’t quite make the daily to do list, but they are building up in the back of my mind. This happens to all of us, we think “well that loose step is a nuisance, but I’ll deal with it later” but then later never comes.

Luckily, there’s an easy solution to tackling tolerations daily: it’s a little exercise that I learned when I was studying at Coach University, and later read about in Cheryl Richardson’s work, called “Zapping the Tolerations.” The idea is to declutter your mind, just like you would a closet or workspace, checking off little “for later” tasks that have accumulated. Often times, these small chores get in the way of bigger, more meaningful ones; by clearing them away, we can start making substantial progress toward our goals.

Summer is a great time to experiment with the concept and spark your overall motivation. It has the similar results to decluttering because checking off little things that are clouding our brains for accomplishing the bigger more meaningful stuff. There is something powerful regarding only having physical and mental things in our lives that we love. It lifts our mood and puts us in the vibration to attract new opportunities. As summer approaches I think its important to stay in the mode of clearing out the old and inviting in the new without just passively letting summer happen. An easy way to give yourself a little burst of energy is to check those loose ends off your list that have been mentally draining you. That leaky faucet, those clothes in the back of your car that you plan to consign, that grill part that you need to order, the socks that have holes in them that need to be thrown out.

Write a list of 5-10 tolerations that you want to tackle before summer starts and ruthlessly go through the list and just get it done. By zapping tolerations lists on a regular basis you allow yourself to let go of small things that are draining you so that you can think of the big things that matter. As a military family, we often have an undercurrent of stress in our lives, potential deployments, feeling too transient, etc. and by getting in the habit of tackling loose ends on a regular basis you start to feel like you have more energy to focus on the other areas in your life like increasing your wealth, work, and relationships.

So give it a try, write down 5-10 things that you are currently tolerating and when you will commit to just zapping this with action. If you are feeling stuck with anything, just focus on how good it will feel to stop thinking about this once and for all. Download my free summer printables


What tolerations are your ready to tackle?

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