Study Something This Summer

Study Something this summerSummer is a great time of year to educate yourself on the subjects close to your heart. Education is all about self-improvement, and that doesn’t have to stop when we finish our formal education! I have many clients who are finished with college or have completed their professional certifications but continue to crave learning.

There are many ways to continue learning despite our busy lives, even if it happens during chores or while the kids are asleep. The point is to keep growing and trying new experiences, to lean in to learning. I continue my summer series this week by offering suggestions for understanding what concepts interest you and finding a way to make those learning experiences happen.

Let Yourself Dream

I often ask clients who are looking for a new career to meditate on the question, “If you could only choose one subject, what would you study for the rest of your life?” Or, “what section of the bookstore do you find yourself drawn toward?” Or, “if you didn’t have to work, where would you volunteer your time?”

Oftentimes, by answering these questions, clients are able to see what they’re naturally motivated to learn more about. I often hear people say, “I’ve always wanted to learn Mandarin, but have never gotten started” or “I used to play violin in high school. I wonder if I could take lessons again at age 30?”

A general fear among my clients seems to revolve around feeling like they’re too old or too busy to get started. That’s why, as a coach, I encourage them to follow this intuition up with action—after all, we’re all lifelong learners, whether we realize it or not! Our ongoing growth can both build significant connections and make us feel like we’re attending to not only our own needs but also those of our families.

Be Open To Success

As a military spouse on the go, it’s so important to keep career skills fresh, and learning new things can really help us focus on our own goals while we continue to support our service members. Deliberate learning is a sign of maturity that attracts success.

Imagine yourself with a new body of knowledge at the end of the summer—what would this look like in a perfect world? Do you want to be a better reader, a better business writer, better at sales, better at promotion, techier, or do you want to try a new yoga or cooking class? Embrace something new!

Action Step

Pull up those sleeves and have fun drafting your unique list of 5–10 things you’re jazzed and energized to learn more about. Just by putting items on your list, you’ll have set your mind to look out for activities; almost like when you buy a blue Toyota and then start seeing blue Toyotas everywhere!

For more tips on how to avoid the summer slump and missing it completely, check out my free Summer printables & e-course.

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