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I love swapping the word “decluttering” for the phrase “creating simplicity.” It’s hard to feel inspired about decluttering your home and workspaces, but creating simplicity sounds fun! The “why” of making life simpler just makes sense. Plus, living in flow automatically motivates you more.

This month, I talk about how simplifying your life and surroundings can put you in a mindset that attracts success. Plus, for more support, check out my free coaching call on October 30th!

Convey Simplicity with Your Surroundings

Whether simplifying means literally redesigning the spaces around you or even restructuring your day planner for a more effective schedule, I love how even small changes can have a huge positive impact on our day to day lives. Spend a few moments looking at the different areas of your life before committing to simple routines and reorganizing your spaces towards simplicity.

For example, you might add simple ‘in’ and ‘out’ baskets for your desk at work, jot down meal plans on a whiteboard every Sunday, or decide to only keep clothes that you both fit into and adore.

Ask yourself: What areas of your life feel like they need to be simplified to better support your fall goals? Share some of your favorite strategies for other spouses to try in the comments below.

Add in Some Healthy Habits

When you start your work week, consider your overall seasonal goals. your short-term plan, and daily action items. As you reflect on your objectives, consider adding in some healthy habits that will help you progress in life, regardless of your articulated goals. Whether it’s drinking more water, exercising daily, or packing a nourishing lunch three times a week, bringing some extra attention to your health can help support a stronger you who is ready to tackle any goal.

These healthy habits set the stage for accomplishing your objectives, serving as support for success in all areas of your life. Regardless of how far you may have to go before achieving your goals, remember that the processes are worth celebrating in and of themselves.

Learn More at My Free Workshop

To learn more about simplifying your life, join my free thirty-minute small group coaching event on Monday, October 30th. At this workshop, we’ll talk about the difference between decluttering and simplifying, and how even this shift in mindset can help us tackle new goals.

This customized coaching call will help you begin to see the value in creating simplicity in all areas of your life. We’ll talk about experimenting with three new habits that support your fall goals, and see how these habits combined with an overall simplicity-focused mindset can create massive change over the course of the season.

Put this October 30th event on your calendar and look forward to feeling your anxiety lower as you effortlessly simplify your life. I can’t wait to meet you during this free event!

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