Self Care Can Be Delicious!

Experts tell us that it is more important to spend time on yourself than your business so this month I am dedicating my free teleclass to self care: Making time to exercise and eat right; drink more water and feel great! Lots of spouses have tips; so let’s get together and share them, because the better we feel the more successful we are!

The other day my husband came home from Crossfit Relentless (our gym) with a sample of homemade paleo food! How cool it would be if I could afford pre-cooked food for the week. But what I loved more than the food was the yummy plantain chips (fulfilled my desire for a crunch!) and mashed plantains (fulfilled my desire for mashed and sweet!). I got the idea that I need to start substituting my bad habits with good ones. Frozen fruit at night instead of ice cream; lightly steamed cauliflower with fresh rosemary instead of hash browns with my eggs; but we need to plan ahead before hunger pains make us forget our great intentions.

That said, I decided that my biggest problem isn’t not knowing what to do, but my lack of implementation: My lack of planning for the day and then reflecting on what worked and what didn’t!! The same coaching techniques I offer clients on their business will work for lifestyle choices to boot. So this week consider some healthy substitutes for your favorite textured foods and take the extra five minutes to fill up your water bottle and pack that delicious salad for lunch.

Any healthful tips that you feel like sharing; I can share in my Free teleclass next week!!

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