Rekindle Connections

Rekindle ConnectionsOver the past few weeks, we’ve been working together to tackle physical and mental clutter, create environments filled with things and activities that we love, and continue working toward personal fulfillment. With so many plans on the horizon and so much work already done, take a few seconds to reflect. Ask yourself, “Doesn’t living this way feel great?”

Now, we’re going to continue our growth by thinking about the people we allow into our busy lives. Is there anyone who is draining your energy or who tends to overstep his or her boundaries? In this last article in my summer series, I discuss the importance of taking the driver’s seat to decide how and with whom you spend your time.

Maintaining Valuable Relationships

I often remind my teenage daughter that it’s only worth hanging out with people she feels like she can be herself around, but I often forget that this is an important lesson for adults too! I tend to find myself sucked into draining conversations rather than spending time with people I know will leave me feeling jazzed and energized.

Eventually, I came to realize that I didn’t need to let these enjoyable encounters happen by chance—I can actually seek out lunch dates and phone calls with people who lift me up!

Now, when I make my schedule on Sunday nights, I make sure that “call Aunt Mary Louise” gets put on my to-do list. Whenever I hang up the phone with her, I feel like a million bucks because we have a great relationship. I feel like she brings such inspiration and joy into my life, so I’ve come to prioritize spending time on the phone with her over getting coffee with people who leave me feeling drained.

Think about the people who lift you up. Then make a list of 5–10 names and develop a plan to connect with each of these people this summer regardless of geographical location. If a visit isn’t feasible, you can still build meaningful memories together, whether it’s by phone, Skype, email, or even old-school letters. You may even create a virtual tribe of colleagues you want to check in with regularly or join a new LinkedIn or Facebook group.

List 5–10 people who you want to see, talk to, or do something with or for, and instead of setting a date for when you’ll reach out to them, set a general intention that embraces how you feel toward them.

Reflect on Your Amazing Summer

As summer comes to an end make sure that you organize your photos so that you have 10 photos that capture an event versus 100s of photos on your phone. I know I coach a lot about clutter but its just so connected to success personally and professionally and clutter doesn’t always have to be just physical, it can be mental clutter too. So get rid of computer files you don’t need, delete photos and videos on your phone eating up storage, and start the fall feeling fresh and ready to take on your fall goals.

For more tips on how to avoid the summer slump and missing it completely, check out my free Summer printables & e-course.

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