Post Your Winter Goals and Happy Mantra to Boot!

Post Your Winter Goals & Happy Mantra to Boot!In my last blog post I talked about the challenges of going from a hectic day-to-day existence to a life spent slowing down and living intentionally. Today I want to share another productivity habit that I use to make progress toward my seasonal goals: putting them up on a white board and looking at them each day.

My clients and I love goal setting, but we’ve admitted that yearly goals often aren’t enough to hold our interest. So, instead, we make seasonal goals that feel relevant to our current surroundings and moods. We pick one health, wealth, and relationship goal each season before posting these goals up on a white board.

The Power of Seeing Your Goals

I like to put my white board by my desk so that, when I am writing out my to do list, I can take note if anything I’m doing is connected to my goal—if not, I try to add a few tasks that help me make continuous progress.

Looking at our goals often is a great way to keep us motivated about our “whys” and taking consistent tiny steps towards the lifestyles we want, even when we aren’t feeling up to the tasks at hand.

I have so many clients admit that if they do “just 10 minutes” of a posted action step toward their goal first thing in the morning after seeing it up on their board, they make SO much more progress than when they used to keep their goals tucked away in their journals. Just seeing your goals will help you stay motivated to keep making progress.

So, add a white board to your Christmas list, and get ready for 2018 to be your most productive year ever!

Create a Personal Mantra

Once you get in the habit of posting your health, wealth, and relationship goals on your white board, you might have fun also thinking up an overarching mantra to help support you with all of your goals.

For example, my winter goals include action steps such as meal prepping on Sundays, buying things in person versus ordering on Amazon, and spending ten minutes each morning with my husband before the kids are up. So, a more general mantra like “I am worthy of success” may help me fight off the gremlin voices that tempt me to order out, buy online, or sleep in.

Seeing and Hearing Our Goals

Reminding myself that I am worthy of success helps me tap into my future self and motivate my tired self… especially in December when there are added temptations all around us to blow off our goals and make fun but unproductive short-term choices! Choose a mantra that embodies your current ambitions and will keep you motivated despite the constant distractions of this busy season.

Please share your motivating mantra in the comments below.

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