Piggyback What Is Already Good

Piggyback on what's already goodYou already brush your teeth, so saying your affirmation during teeth brushing is brilliant! Summer is a great time for considering which habits support the lifestyle you desire and reflecting on changes you’ve already made that have proven successful. A great way to make a new habit stick is to tie it to an old one, connecting what still seems like a chore to something that’s already become routine or even enjoyable.

Maybe you’re trying to drink more water. You’ve already committed to carrying a water bottle with you wherever you go, so you just need to add in a decision to drink a full bottle over the course of your commute to work.

Or, maybe you want to eat more vegetables. You’ve already taken some important action steps by allowing yourself to only eat the vegetables that you already enjoy. But now, moving forward, you may decide to chop veggies up and put them in containers every week after taking the garbage out.

In this way, you keep moving forward, bringing your goals closer while simultaneously making your successes last.

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