FinCon Expo 2016

FinCon, Here I Come!

This week I’m headed to San Diego to attend a financial blogging conference, FinCon! I’ll be exploring ways to potentially monetize my podcast, The Military Spouse Show, as well as networking with other military spouse entrepreneurs and connecting with possible guests for my show. I’m super excited to return to San Diego, the city where I met my husband 20 years ago when he was stationed at Camp Pendleton and I was completing my graduate studies. In addition to attending what promises to be an awesome conference, I’m also looking forward to reconnecting with my former business partner. For me, attending a professional conference is actually a great form of self-care—not only does it allow me to explore new interests, but it also enables me to get outside of working in my business and take a few days to work on my business. Having the time to focus on business development is always inspiring for […]

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Setting Seasonal Goals

Setting Seasonal Goals

Regardless of how long I’ve been out of school, I still get that “back to school buzz” every fall when my kids return to class. If you feel the same way, I say, “Go with it!” and use this change of season to your advantage! I often have my clients come up with seasonal goals and check in on yearly objectives four times a year (once per season). Together, we develop health, wealth, and wisdom goals each autumn and watch them progress as winter approaches. I encourage everyone with goals to give this system a try. Ask yourself what would feel wonderful to have accomplished by the end of the year. Try to choose something that you will really enjoy working on and watch yourself effortlessly move toward success. To help forward your fall goals or your yearly (or lifetime!) objectives, try out these two tips that have been helpful both for myself and my […]

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Define Who You Want to Be beyond being a Military Spouse

Define Who You Want to be Beyond Your Military Spouse Identity

The role of the military spouse is super important—we provide much needed at-home support for our military families, which helps keep our country strong. So often, though, military spouses tell me that, while they have goals in the areas of health and careers, these ambitions are often put on hold. With so many important responsibilities on our plates, it can be hard carving out time to get from where we are to where we want to be. For example, one of my spouse clients shared that she wanted to lose weight. However, she found that she couldn’t make it to the gym because she didn’t want to go exercise when she could instead be spending time with her kids. Another spouse shared that she wanted to write more but that her kids’ sports often took center stage during her limited free time. Her priorities simply got pushed aside without her even complaining. As military spouses, […]

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Life is all about enjoying ever sunset and looking forward for the Sunrise

Change Your Perspective

Do you feel stuck in a business rut? If so, it’s time to change something! Challenge yourself to break out of that rut and step out of your “comfort zone.” Is there something you could be doing to grow your business, and the only reason you are not doing it is because you’re too scared? Don’t let fear stop you! Once you take hold of that fear and do the thing you’re scared of, you’ll feel so much better and you’ll have tons of self-esteem. You’ll be ready to accomplish any goal you may have set for your business. Change Your Space And while changing your behavior and attitude are great places to start, you may also want to change up your space or routine. If you normally work at home, try going to a coffee shop or library. If you aren’t able to leave the house, because of little ones, try moving to a […]

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Get up, Get Stuff Done, and Enjoy the Rest of Your Day

Tips to Stay Focused in the Summer

It’s going to be very hard to stay motivated if you are not looking at your business in a focused manner. If things are blurry or hazy, you’ll definitely start to procrastinate and it won’t take long for your work to pile up. The bad news? If you don’t start to focus soon, you may permanently lose your business motivation. The good news? You can easily get your focus back! One of the biggest problems that I’ve seen is that people take on too many businesses! I’ve spent a lot of time in “work at home” message boards and forums and I’ve seen a lot of people who are promoting two, three, or more businesses. While I definitely encourage people to develop multiple streams of income, I do caution against “business overload.” If you are trying to spread your time amongst several businesses, you’re setting yourself up for failure. For example, if you are a […]

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Summer Goals for Productivity

Setting Goals for Summer Productivity

Once the weather starts to change and the temperatures start to heat up, business owners from all walks of life start to have something in common: they start to lose the motivation to work on their business! And without motivation, there is no such thing as “productive.” If you find this happening to you, there could be any number of different reasons behind it. You may have been working hard all winter and are ready for a break; people tend to socialize more in warm weather so you may have a bunch of weddings, parties, reunions, and other gatherings coming up; and if you are a Mom, whatever time you had to work on your business during the rest of the year can easily slip once the kids get out of school for summer…. Trust me, I understand all of the situations I mentioned above… but I also think it’s important to understand that what […]

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different color notebooks

What areas of your life are the most bottlenecked and in need of adjustment?

While different for each of us, we all know an area in our lives that, if organized, would give us the most bang for our buck. What would it feel like to fix that one area of your life? Don’t think of what is easiest to declutter. Think about the one area of your life that if it was cleaner, smoother, more managed, you would be more successful. I have cleaned my closet and put the hangers all facing south, and only turned the hanger north after wearing the outfit. I have put stickies on kitchen gadgets and vowed to discard them if there is still a stickie in six months, but I am talking about something bigger here. Something that if you changed would create REAL change in your life. I put this challenge out to my clients and they each had big aha moments. What are you putting off? It is usually very personal and you can complete a whole cookie cutter […]

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meditative tasks

Organize a space to allow you to work on meditative tasks

What in your life needs to be more on autopilot? Laundry can be put on autopilot when you have detergent, fabric softener, stain sticks, proper baskets, and your favorite podcast (for example, the Military Spouse Show) ready to go. Sure, it’s still a chore, but it’s more fun when you feel prepared. Doesn’t it feel almost meditative to pay your bills when you have your return address stamp, envelopes, and postage stamps all ready to go so that you can just reflect on being grateful that you are able to pay your bills? What other chores in your life could you put on autopilot? Consider keeping only functional outfits that fit in your closet, having food staples on hand for making quick healthy dinners, or putting a packed gym bag in your car. Only you know what preparation will most benefit you. Oftentimes, we think that we need to read another book on organization or go buy more cute boxes and bins before decluttering, […]

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gift wrapping station

Create A Cool New Space!

We have been talking about decluttering your life this month and I feel that decluttering is a great way to simplify your life. Simplifying means developing a well-ordered mind and becoming clear with regard to your values. So, think about where you spend your time and money and then pick an area of your life that you have always wanted to simplify. Consider your life wheel and the different areas of your life, such as friends and family, fun and recreation, health, money, personal growth, and career. Then choose an area of your home in which to create a simple system that will support your success in this aspect of your life, such as a bill paying station, reading nook, or exercise spot. What kind of cool new space do you think will most benefit you? Leave a comment below and let me know! For example, I chose to create a simple gift wrapping station by nailing a board over two old repainted […]

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Use a vision board to help declutter your life

Decluttering Your Life

That title almost sounds like an overwhelming amount of work. But my free teleclass shows you step by step how to do it and its actually really easy! (If you want to join my free monthly teleclasses just go to my events page). We all know that we can benefit from lives that are less cluttered. We LOVE the topic of decluttering but often aren’t really sure why. In this article, I will share some of my thoughts and provide you with some steps to take for decluttering your life. Keep in mind that the process of decluttering is very personalized, so I will ask you to reflect on your own experiences as you move through these steps. The Natural Desire to Declutter One of my most popular free classes used to be called “21 Days to Declutter your Life,” and I believe that its popularity stems from us all having a subconscious desire to create a clutter-free life. A clutter-free life is […]

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Top 5 Questions that Military Spouse Entrepreneurs Asked

1. Are all multi-level marketing companies bad? When people hear about multi-level marketing (MLM) companies, they often think of notorious pyramid schemes. However, I actually learned a lot while working for a MLM company; when you locate and begin working for a company that aligns with what you love doing, you can find success and happiness much more easily than investing in a company that you ultimately aren’t passionate about. Sometimes a MLM company can also be used as a step toward another opportunity. For example, my friend Jennifer Hemphill is a natural networker. She began as an entrepreneur by selling greeting cards on SendOutCards. Because I used this company and her products in particular to stay in touch with clients, we developed a professional relationship. This initial connection allowed me to know, like, and trust her enough to refer other spouses to Jennifer’s company at where she helps spouses achieve financial freedom. This business clearly aligns with her values, skills, and interests, and this […]

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Candid Conversations with Military Spouse Entrepreneurs

This week I had some candid conversations with other Military spouse entrepreneurs and I wanted to share some tidbits from my discussions. I am also going to be doing a podcast (The Military Spouse Show) that I do with Wendy Poling where we go into more detail regarding some of what we discussed. The first “question” I got was more of a comment then a question and it was in the form of, “Yeah right, Krista!” “I HAD a career before I married into the military!” I even got a PM that I must have a live-in nanny to run a business and, sadly, I do not. I have actually locked myself in the bathroom just to make a work call and been caught screaming at my four kids to find their mittens faster on my way to give a “work life balance” speech to Fleet and Family. I am not a perfect professional or a perfect mom, just trying to share some coaching […]

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