Organize a space to allow you to work on meditative tasks

meditative tasks

What in your life needs to be more on autopilot?

Laundry can be put on autopilot when you have detergent, fabric softener, stain sticks, proper baskets, and your favorite podcast (for example, the Military Spouse Show) ready to go. Sure, it’s still a chore, but it’s more fun when you feel prepared.

Doesn’t it feel almost meditative to pay your bills when you have your return address stamp, envelopes, and postage stamps all ready to go so that you can just reflect on being grateful that you are able to pay your bills? What other chores in your life could you put on autopilot? Consider keeping only functional outfits that fit in your closet, having food staples on hand for making quick healthy dinners, or putting a packed gym bag in your car. Only you know what preparation will most benefit you. Oftentimes, we think that we need to read another book on organization or go buy more cute boxes and bins before decluttering, but what we really need is less stuff and more clarity. Imagine only having things that you really love and often use. What would that look like for you?

  • Ask yourself: if your ___________ (insert an area here: closet, office, car, etc.) was in perfect form, how would it look, and how would this benefit you?
  • Write the 3 benefits of having your ____________ in perfect form.
  • What would having this area in your home clutter free finally allow you to do?
  • What small action steps can you take toward decluttering your space this week?

Getting into action lowers our anxiety and gives us clarity on our goals. Try and think about what parts of your life need to feel “cleaner” and what systems would support your goals and what processes in your life and your business are feeling slow and disorganized and start making improvements there.

One thing that can help you is to close your eyes and imagine an ideal day.

  • What does your morning routine look like?
  • What does your closet look like?
  • What does your kitchen look like?
  • How about your car ride to work?
  • Do you have your sun glasses and a snack, music, and your workout bag properly packed?

Keep going through your day and imagine a well organized work station and a smooth commute home. Then focus back on your bedroom, and an ideal evening routine. Now open your eyes and decide to make something in your life more automated. What did you decide to take action on today? How do you anticipate this helping you?

Happy decluttering!

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