May is Military Spouse Appreciation Month


I just wanted to take a break from my typical coaching tips blog post and just thank you for your service this month.

Yesterday was Military Spouse Appreciation Day and tomorrow is Mother’s Day so it’s definitely time to stop and celebrate all that we do.

Just being a Military Spouse is something that you should really be proud of because your love and support are what makes our country so strong.

I recognize that Mother’s Day isn’t just about brunches and handmade cards, for some military spouses it’s a difficult day because your spouse isn’t with you, or your family lives far and you can’t see your mom.

Some spouses lost their mom, are going through infertility, or other losses that make the day tough so I am sending those moms an extra tight hug and feeling gratitude that we are all a part of the loving military spouse community.

Sending your all a heartfelt happy Mother’s Day!

I meet so many amazing moms that are working, blogging, raising kids, #2017MilSpoDayLinkUp, running businesses and raising families and I am so impressed with all of us!

How are you guys celebrating Mother’s Day this year?

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