Making a List, Checking It Twice

Making A List, Checking It TwiceI love lists! I make meal planning lists, to do lists for home and work, gratitude lists, and I even have a Christmas gift book where I list the presents I buy for each of my four kids to check off once they’re wrapped. Lists help me stayed organized during this busy season while keeping everything even (something especially important when you have children)!

Make a “Me” List

All these lists also remind me that we need to make a list of things we can do for ourselves versus just doing, doing, doing all month for everyone else. After all, we’re also members of our families who need and deserve both attention and love.

I’m not talking about spending money on jewelry after overspending on gifts for my kids. What I mean is writing down some ways to give myself special permission to do things that uplift me, and then doing them when I legitimately deserve a treat.

Treat Yourself

In the book Get Clients Now, there’s a marketing activity where you give yourself special permission to do something fun if you complete all of your weekly action steps. I totally stole this concept and use it all the time in my business and home life. For example, if I cook healthy for the kids all week, my special permission is to order out on Friday.

And I’m giving you permission to do the same thing! Start keeping a list of ways to celebrate accomplishing the goals you set for yourself this year or season. Then, once you’ve made that dream a reality, make sure to treat yourself to a well-deserved celebration.

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