Make Success Contagious

Make Success ContagiousWould you like to wake up confident and motivated to keep taking steps toward your success? In my free November coaching call, we’ll be doing just that—learning how to be excited that we’re on a path toward success the instant we wake up every morning.

Take the first actions toward making your success contagious (both to others and yourself!) with these brief tips, below. Then, check back later in the month for my free coaching call to help you make even more progress.

Start Small

Have you ever gone on a diet and tried to totally change the way you eat overnight, only to quickly give up? We often make our goals too big and our timelines too short. Such huge hurdles can be discouraging, making it hard to achieve success.

Instead, I’m going to discuss a new way of approaching goal-setting. This tactic asks us to start really small and make changes that are in total agreement with who we are. Usually, these steps are much easier to take because they’re aligned with what we actually want to do!

For example, instead of diving headfirst into an entirely new diet, I recently decided to buy some small containers to put hummus in. I then started packing bags of baby carrots to take with me to snack on with the hummus throughout the day. Just this little step toward my health goal felt really good—and helped me get started working toward a new, healthier lifestyle.

Add Some Fun to Your List

If you have a long list of “shoulds”, then making progress is going to be a chore that you sometimes avoid. But, by coming up with fun to do list items instead, you’ll be much more likely to actually make progress.

And that progress will overflow into all of the areas of your life wheel since all aspects are interconnected.

Maybe you’re interested in saving a bit more money. It’s way more fun to go online and look up five simple, inexpensive weekday meals than to cut out your monthly movie night. Then you can take the difference and move that money to your savings right away while enjoying some tasty new recipes—all without cutting a rare and much-needed indulgence.

Compound Interest

Even small actions will overlap to affect other areas of your life. It’s like goal compounding interest—when you make progress in one area of your life, it literally lifts your vibration and overflows into other areas.

When you start going to the gym, you feel more jazzed and energized to plan dates with your spouse. When you get a part-time job, you get more organized with your dinner routine. When you organize your office, you get a raise. Everything is connected.

Check Out My Free Life Coaching Wheel

If you haven’t downloaded my life coaching wheel, November is the best time to do so! This tool can help you assess where you’re at and decide where you want to be. Just fill out the wheel without judging yourself at all, assessing where you are in each area of your life and what your version of a perfect 10 would look like.

Even if you aren’t in the mood to work on your lowest score area, you can start making amazing progress toward life improvement in another zone. Just pick one small step and commit to starting today.

Action Steps

Write down some things that you feel like you should do.

Then rip it up!

Now, instead, write down some things that will move you in the direction of your dreams that actually sound fun to do, no matter how small or insignificant.

Doesn’t the list feel lighter and so much more likely to get done?

What small step can you take today that will make you excited that you’re on the path toward success? Share below, and don’t forget to tune in to my free November coaching call.

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