Getting Organized for Summer

Super cute chalkboard labels

Getting Organized for Summer

In May I promoted my “30 Days to Spring Clean Your Life” and military spouses loved it! They said it is so much easier to tackle a little project each day rather than a big one, and I couldn’t agree more. If you haven’t done the challenge, it is not too late. Sign up for my free ezine and I will put a copy in my next newsletter! I am not sure why, but every time I follow the concept, my business grows; it’s like magic! Try it yourself and let me know? I had one military spouse share that people saw it on her fridge and wanted a copy for themselves.

It is almost the last day of school for me and that means being home with four kids under eight all summer so I spent time this week getting the yard toys out of the shed and organizing their playroom. One of my favorite procrastination tactics to organizing is going out and buying new bins but this time I resisted the “new bins urge” and managed to stick to one small purchase: super cute chalkboard labels; Aren’t they soooo cute? I love pretending that I am a Martha Stewarty mom (purchasing pre-made scrapbooks that you pop photos in) and these labels are right up my alley.  I got mine from eBay but I also saw them on (Two Sisters’ shop) and they aren’t too expensive. Yes, my free teleclass last month was on taking a 30-day money diet (only buying what you need for 30 days). Do I need these adorable labels? Not really … but I think it’s worth cheating and isn’t “attracting new business” a legitimate write off?

What are you doing to get yourself and your business ready for summer?

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