Get Psyched for What’s Next

Get Psyched for What's NextNew opportunities require searching for what’s coming next in your life. If you’re just completing a celebratory phase after accomplishing a health, work, or relationship goal—perfect—now’s the ideal time to decide how to live your life even more fabulously!

Even when you are ¾ of the way toward achieving your goal, you can begin thinking about what ambitions are ready to enter your horizon so that you can stay in motion. This is one of the reasons why stopping to celebrate is so important! We all know those people who work and work and work but never stop to really soak in all that they have accomplished and live gratefully.

Finding the Perfect Balance

Next month, we’re going to start talking about getting our winter goals into writing – so, take October to really celebrate all of the progress you’ve made and how much of a rock star you are for taking even the smallest step forward. I find that joy is a careful balance of celebration for how far you’ve come, continuous motion forward, and contentment with where you are right now—a mix of focus on the past, present, and future.

In November, we’ll also get our year plans for 2018 into writing and fill out the life coaching wheel to assess where we are versus where we want to be. The life coaching wheel is a simple tool that can set you up for success as you write your yearly plan and create a vision board for 2018. I like getting this work done before the busy holiday season so that we can keep winter goals realistic and allow ourselves to enjoy this special time with our loved ones.

Join Me in November

I would love it if you followed along with me as I begin goal planning for 2018. All it takes is a few minutes to download and fill out the life coaching wheel. For more support, join me for my November coaching call. Next month, we’ll be tackling how to double your productivity while still enjoying the holiday season. I look forward to seeing you then!

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