FinCon, Here I Come!

FinCon Expo 2016This week I’m headed to San Diego to attend a financial blogging conference, FinCon! I’ll be exploring ways to potentially monetize my podcast, The Military Spouse Show, as well as networking with other military spouse entrepreneurs and connecting with possible guests for my show.

I’m super excited to return to San Diego, the city where I met my husband 20 years ago when he was stationed at Camp Pendleton and I was completing my graduate studies. In addition to attending what promises to be an awesome conference, I’m also looking forward to reconnecting with my former business partner.

For me, attending a professional conference is actually a great form of self-care—not only does it allow me to explore new interests, but it also enables me to get outside of working in my business and take a few days to work on my business. Having the time to focus on business development is always inspiring for me and helps me work toward my vision of continual professional growth.

I’m also looking forward to taping a live podcast with my co-host Wendy Poling right from FinCon, where we’ll share more about why we’re attending and what brought her back for a second year!

As a mom of four young kids, it’s pretty tough for me to get away for even a few days, but I’m excited to access new knowledge and resources that I can share with my military spouse clients and listeners. I’ve decided to take a break from the standard coaching conferences that are usually on my list and instead attend something that’s a little out of my lane this year. Finance is an area that I want to learn more about, and when I report back I hope to share that it was worth leaving my kiddos for a couple days of personal and professional growth!

I often talk with my clients about intuition and the law of attraction, and I can honestly say that I am walking the walk with this trip to San Diego. Earlier this year, I got a strong hunch to attend a different type of professional development event. Shortly after that, my friend Jennifer Hemphill, a military spouse who podcasts about money, told me she was attending FinCon. No sooner had I said, “I keep having colleagues tell me to attend this conference!” than she shared that a friend had an extra early bird ticket that I could have.

The stars seemed to have aligned!

I’m always encouraging the military spouses I work with to attend spouse conferences, national military spouse events, and conferences in their fields. It’s just so great to get out there and see other spouses doing what they love!

What are some favorite professional development conferences that you’ve attended?

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