Fear of Missing Summer

So often I hear, “the summer flew by so fast,” and this happens from having a passive attitude about the time. Taking a moment to really manage yourself versus manage your time makes you feel in control of your summer.

This summer, I don’t want to have that feeling that time slipped away so I am being proactive and using my own free summer printables to put pen to paper and determine what I want. This could be as simple as committing to drinking more water or committing to stretching everyday. I would like to go to the drive in movies with the kids, plant an herb garden, and maybe even go to Tanglewood.

I don’t want any military spouses to suffer from fear of missing summer, so write down what you want to do this summer so you can make it happen. What do you want to add to your summer fun list?

I also like tackling some house projects like finally cleaning out the garage or declutter your closets. I think its so much easier to attract a new job when you have your paperwork in order, and summer is a great time to clear out the old and attract the new. I like taking photos of my kids art and making a shutterfly album or getting a jump start of Christmas cards addresses, or just throwing out all the school papers that I don’t’ really need to keep. By tackling just 8 minutes of clutter a day makes a big dent in things piling up so I often set a timer in my kids rooms and we spend just 8 mins tidying. My yard looks full of toys but if I just set that 8 min timer, the yard looks great. Try it out and let me know if you start seeing improvements in how things are flowing in your life. And its not just big decluttering projects, its often just those pesky tasks that need to be done but don’t make the to do list that make the biggest impact. Organizing your tea might not seem like an energy boost but the next time you make yourself a tea, its such a treat.

What can you spend 8 mins decluttering? Think of ways to hold yourself accountable. I love the whole life challenge because it keeps me accountable to eating healthy, exercising, and sleeping 8 hours, but think of ways that help you keep accountable to your summer goals.

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