Embrace Your Love of Learning

I love going shopping for back-to-school supplies with my kids. With fresh pencils and blank sheets of loose-leaf paper in hand, I feel like the world is my oyster.

One of the reasons I appreciate my kids’ Montessori school is that the program works to teach children a genuine love for learning. I think it’s this commitment to constantly growing and taking on new challenges that make us yearn for fresh school supplies and feel like the world is full of possibilities every time fall rolls around.

Make Learning a Lifelong Commitment

I want my clients to share in the same love of learning as my children. After all, so many of you are constantly tackling new challenges every day. And, just like my kids, many of you find that, by taking one step toward learning something new, success takes one step back toward you.

My clients are great sources of inspiration. Recently, one spouse began taking some prerequisites to get into nursing school, beginning with a trip to Staples. Another finally signed up for a course on Microsoft Excel, a skill she wishes she could add to her resume. But it doesn’t even have to be something so formal—another amazing client recently purchased a lecture series from The Great Courses Plus, allowing them to listen to college lectures at their leisure.

Even listening to a new podcast, asking a friend some in-depth questions about her own work, or watching a documentary can keep your mind thinking and growing.

Bring Learning Into Your Fall Goals

Each fall, I choose something new to add to my professional development, often integrating this growth into my seasonal goals. This year, I decided to take an online writing course—I love the mix of structured exercises and flexible timing it offers me as I hone my craft. Whether your career calls for continuing education units (CEUs) or not, autumn offers the perfect opportunity to learn a new skill.

After all, with the kiddos taking on challenges like learning to read, studying U.S. history, or even calculus, I definitely feel like I can both follow their lead and be a powerful at-home mentor by continuing my own education.

Ask yourself: What have you been wanting to learn more about? Often, it’s not an expensive degree you desire, but just some hands-on training to help you take that next action step, feel more confident about your qualifications, and motivate you to keep moving forward. What book might inspire you, what course could you sign up for, and what professional groups are you now ready to join?

For More Support, Join Me on September 25 at 12PM EST/9AM PST

What new personal or professional learning goals are you committing to as the kids return to school? For more support finding your personal answer or to share your success stories, join me for my free coaching call on September 25th at 12 PM EST/9 AM PST. In this session, you’ll learn how to get better results with less effort by using an incredibly effective technique that I learned from my own life coach.

I can’t wait to connect with you and help you decide what actions you can take to get the results that you deserve. Download your coaching wheel today, and let other motivated military spouses know about these free coaching calls.

Happy autumn!

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