Easy-Breezy Goal Setting

strong-woman-free-mountaintopWe believe you CAN have it all and it doesn’t have to be hard work

January is a great time of the year to take a deep breath and think about what you really want for 2016. However, after coaching clients for over a decade, I often see people beating themselves up when it comes to setting goals. I should really lose weight, or I wish I made more money, and the list goes on. So if you are one of those people who forces yourself to think of a list of resolutions and dusty goals, let’s spice things up and make it a lot more fun. Here are some tips and tricks that will put you in the right mood to attract success.

  1. Zap Those Little Frustrations.Ten years ago during my Coach University training, we wrote down our frustrations and distractions and then zapped them one by one. Toss the holey socks, put a basket of extra mittens in the kitchen for the kids, or ask the Good Lord not to give you the keys to the woman across your cubicle who is trying to drive you insane. By deciding we aren’t going to deal with these little things, we allow big things into our lives much more effortlessly. Write a list of 10 very easy things that, if you tackled once and for all, would immediately elevate your mood and help attract success.
  2. Focus on Your High Scores. I have clients who fill in their coaching wheel and before they are even finished blurt out, “well, I have a 2 in the area of my finances!” Or “See, my career is a 1! That is why I hired you!” I will remind them that although they didn’t get a job they applied for, they still did much they should be proud of! Perhaps they were caring for young kids or doing volunteer work. We tend to easily point out areas where we fall short and overlook areas where we rock! Capitalize on your strengths!
  3. Be In Love With Your Vision.The whole law-of-attraction model is based on setting ourselves up to attract success more effortlessly and being calm enough to listen to our intuition and take necessary actions that support what we really want. So, when you are writing down your goals or creating a vision board, make sure your list and images elevate your mood and keep you in a positive vibration. What you feel when you look at your goal list or your vision board is part of what allows you to turn these wants into reality.
  4. Try New Systems That Support Your Goals. Consider a new process versus just a goal. Instead of promising to lose 10 pounds in 12 months, chunk it down and focus more on creating new systems rather than promising a particular outcome. It’s a lot more fun and will set you up for success. For example, maybe you decide to cook healthy food on Sunday nights for the winter and once that is going well, you add walking the kids to school in the spring. You aren’t focusing on weight loss, you are focused on creating systems that inevitably lead to success.
  5. Add Something Super Fun To Your Life Now! What did you love doing as a kid that you can try again as an adult? Or do you see your kids enjoying something fun that perhaps you could try? For example, I asked my kid’s tennis instructor for a couple of lessons and it’s a lot more fun for me to go to a tennis lesson than to go to the gym. By choosing to do something fun, other “old goals” such as get more sleep, drink more water, or socialize with new people, become much more effortless.

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