Decluttering Your Life

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Use a vision board to help declutter your lifeThat title almost sounds like an overwhelming amount of work. But my free teleclass shows you step by step how to do it and its actually really easy! (If you want to join my free monthly teleclasses just go to my events page).

We all know that we can benefit from lives that are less cluttered. We LOVE the topic of decluttering but often aren’t really sure why. In this article, I will share some of my thoughts and provide you with some steps to take for decluttering your life. Keep in mind that the process of decluttering is very personalized, so I will ask you to reflect on your own experiences as you move through these steps.

The Natural Desire to Declutter

One of my most popular free classes used to be called “21 Days to Declutter your Life,” and I believe that its popularity stems from us all having a subconscious desire to create a clutter-free life. A clutter-free life is filled with sacred spaces that you have purposely created in order to support your goals of encouraging good health, adding wealth, and effortlessly nurturing meaningful relationships.

We have all experienced the great feeling that comes with getting rid of things that no longer serve us. Think of that freeing sensation after you drop off a bin of old clothes at Goodwill, finish cleaning out your desk and get a handle on your paperwork, or get your glove compartment so organized that you can easily find that extra change you need to park in a metered spot.

So many of us, remembering this feeling, run out and buy Martha Stewart’s latest organization issue or Marie Kondo’s book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, but then fall short when it comes to implementing the changes that we’d like to see. We want to have a life that is decluttered “for good” so that we can start living more simply and focus less on our stuff and more on the things that really matter. We buy these books and magazines because many of us have a natural desire to become more organized.

I did an entire podcast episode on this great book on my The Military Spouse Show podcast, you can find the show in itunes and if you like the topic of decluttering we are doing a show coming up on this very topic so join me there. And make sure to pick up a copy of this book too. But I want you to do even deeper than reading it, I want you to want to apply the principles in the book. I bought the book, but got stuck in the actually doing it! I want to help you to actually take action so my next few blog posts are going to break down the daunting task of decluttering your life into some simple steps.

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