Creating A Powerful Vision Board!

Create a vision board to keep your goals on trackJust about everybody knows how to write down their goals. You start with the big dreams:

  • Where will you be in 10 years?
  • How much money will you be making by then?
  • What kinds of relationships will you have?

You write it down in as much detail as possible, and get to work. But I find that even clients who wrote their goals in great detail have trouble reciting them. A vision board can serve as a much easier visual reminder of what you are after.

All you need to do is get a poster board and some magazines and clip away, or find images that remind you of your big goals and post them on your poster board. I love lifestyle magazines, combined with blank checks and house plans – make it fun and, most of all, make it something that speaks to you!

Don’t know where to start? My suggestion is to think about your lifestyle goals. What do you want professionally? Health? Do you have any relationship goals? And then gather some health, wealth, and wisdom magazines and images that inspire you to move in the direction you want to be headed in for each area. If digital is more your style, scan it or create a computerized image and save it as your desktop or phone screen as a daily reminder of how incredible you are becoming!

Before you start clipping photos, take a moment and let your imagination run wild!

  • List 50 things that you want or want to do, no filtering!
  • Imagine an ideal work day.
  • An ideal vacation?

Take some notes of images you want to be sure to include, and then browsing through the magazines, others may pop out, but include only what really resonates with you.

Allowing your mind to dream about who you want to be in 10 years, 5 years, next year, what images will help remind you of these desires?

Clarify the vision visually. Think about your 5 year vision and how that will direct your weekly planning. What habits would help you get there, try including those “habits” on your vision board. Think about who you really want to be in 5 years and then think about what would that person do in a month?, in a week? today? Including those images will help you to actualize the “end result” images.

Turn the dreams into performance/mastery goal images too. Most people jump from a 5 year plan to a 1 year plan but that often allows our minds to put off daily action steps so I love vision boards include some of the “doing images” to help our subconscious focus on getting, and staying, in action. E-mail copies of your completed vision boards to, I love seeing them!

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