Create A Cool New Space!

gift wrapping stationWe have been talking about decluttering your life this month and I feel that decluttering is a great way to simplify your life. Simplifying means developing a well-ordered mind and becoming clear with regard to your values. So, think about where you spend your time and money and then pick an area of your life that you have always wanted to simplify.

Consider your life wheel and the different areas of your life, such as friends and family, fun and recreation, health, money, personal growth, and career. Then choose an area of your home in which to create a simple system that will support your success in this aspect of your life, such as a bill paying station, reading nook, or exercise spot.

What kind of cool new space do you think will most benefit you? Leave a comment below and let me know!

For example, I chose to create a simple gift wrapping station by nailing a board over two old repainted filing cabinets and organizing some supplies that I had around my home. I have always eyed wrapping stations in magazines due to the fact that I love giving gifts to people I care about. Because I have four kids who are always getting invited to parties, I also realized that creating a little spot in our home for wrapping and sending off packages would make my life simpler. I love having gift wrap, tags, and mailing tape on hand because these things make it easier to send loved ones care packages.

What inspires you? Think about the benefits of creating a cool new space…

Do you want to be more efficient in the morning, spend less and earn more, or discover how to become a better spouse or parent? These goals are the deeper reasons behind your desire for order. We like ourselves more when we can efficiently grab an outfit, effortlessly hand our kids their library books, or joyfully brew a pot of tea for a neighbor who stops by. Really think about the benefits of this new space or organizational method.

I like shifting from cleaning and decluttering to creating. I want to hear what new space you are creating and my next blog will give you a few more “how to” tips to keep you on a decluttering role.

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