Write Your “Go For It” Statement

Start the process of writing your go for it (another name for my mission statement work) by reflecting on your past and choosing five accomplishments of which you are especially proud. Then, consider the habits, actions, and behaviors that led to these particular successes. Ask yourself, “how would I teach these competencies to someone else?” After you’ve written a sentence or two about teaching others, contemplate your answers. Then, write a few sentences about the insights you’ve realized from this process. Ask yourself, “what does my writing tell me about how I work best?” Now you have the basic components of your own personal mission statement—this paragraph of “explanations” effectively demonstrates how you best operate! Just make sure to word everything positively so that the paragraph inspires you to keep moving forward.

Imagine Your Ideal Military Spouse Lifestyle

I love helping military spouses mediate on the lifestyle they want and this includes what type of physical environment you want. What does a perfect 10 look like to you when you think of your home? Your home is an extension of who you are so imagine a neat kitchen, bedroom, office, and imagine how that feels and what energy it brings to you. A great tool to use when you are gaining clarity on how to motivate yourself to declutter your home is to your values (a list is available for you in my client area, help yourself) and by clearing your decks a bit, you energetically open yourself up to attract more so clean out those closets, fridges, desks, and then sign up for my may webinar and then you will feel ready to really go for it. Clients laugh when they come to me for job coaching and I send them off […]

Balance Goal Setting With Just Being

Each spring I ask my coaching clients to take some time imagining their desired futures before writing down their spring goals. I have them picture an ideal day, what they’re wearing, and where they’re having lunch. I ask them to embrace the feeling of success. Sometimes, traditional goalsetting can feel too structured. So, it’s important to also focus on our inner images of the lives we desire. We might then choose to write down seasonal intentions rather than fleshed out goals. If you’ve had trouble with setting incredibly specific seasonal goals in the past, I suggest trying out this practice of setting intentions in the areas of health, wealth, and relationships instead. Let your imagination drive you! Add Some Pizzazz to Your Future If your goals or intentions are boring, though, you won’t be very motivated to stick with them. I’ve seen perfectly written, measurable, attainable goals sit there with no progress made all season […]

5 Ways Military Spouses Can Get Stuff (That Isn’t Fun) Done

As a military spouse and a mom of four active kids and an entrepreneur that works with other busy military spouses, there are plenty of non-urgent tasks that don’t make my to do list but still need to get done. I recently spent a whole hour talking to my life coach Amy about how to make myself do these dreaded tasks. For example, I am a creative person so sitting down to do a techy task is boring. I know I need to renew my passports but I don’t have an upcoming trip so it gets put in the later pile. But what if I need to go visit family in Sweden? Or a military spouse invites me to speak on a military base in Germany? Somehow my “someday” pile that isn’t due tomorrow must be taking a mental toll because I felt the need to get some coaching regarding why I put certain tasks […]

Plan Your Year in a Day

Mark your calendars now for my free January “Plan Your Year in a Day” goal setting webinar. In this workshop, we’ll talk about how to fill out a coaching wheel and use it each week as you schedule steps to success in the areas of health, wealth, and relationships. I really hope you join me for this call or reach out to me to get the recording if you can’t make it. Please share this event with other military spouses you know so that I can add them to my invite list to take advantage of this and other helpful tools. Monday, January 29, 2018 12:00 pm EST