What the heck is a Life Coach, and do I even need one?

When I think of the phrase “life coach,” I think of my high school field hockey coach, Ms. Baldwin. Ms. Baldwin was full of energy and spunk; she had a bouncing blonde ponytail and wore those leather high-top Reeboks in different colors, her shoes always matching her leggings. I can picture her running up and down the grassy field while holding her whistle and shouting “go get ‘em!” from the sidelines. Ms. Baldwin embraced all the characteristics of a true “coach.” What do we do when high school is over and we still need help getting focused and winning at our own game of life? Ms. Baldwin would literally jump two feet in the air when we scored. Do you ever feel like you need a Ms. Baldwin to notice when you are winning at life? I do. In 2003, I began cheering on other military spouses who wanted to find their passion and grow […]

I Believe in Military Spouse Success

I believe military spouses can be super successful if they just get rid of what doesn’t serve them and believe in themselves. Sometimes there is so much on our plate as a military spouse that we can’t imagine how to fit in success. We want better health, more wealth, and cleaner closets but we don’t have the time or energy to make even 1% changes, or so it seems. I am here to promise you that if you decide to be successful, pockets of time will start showing up, but it requires some faith! The best predictor of future performance is past performance. So, by focusing on your past accomplishments, you really set the stage to attract more achievement toward you. Including this important aspect in your mission statement thus allows you to more easily make progress toward reaching both your seasonal and long-term goals regarding health, wealth, and relationships. Plus, this progress will be […]

Imagine Your Ideal Military Spouse Lifestyle

I love helping military spouses mediate on the lifestyle they want and this includes what type of physical environment you want. What does a perfect 10 look like to you when you think of your home? Your home is an extension of who you are so imagine a neat kitchen, bedroom, office, and imagine how that feels and what energy it brings to you. A great tool to use when you are gaining clarity on how to motivate yourself to declutter your home is to your values (a list is available for you in my client area, help yourself) and by clearing your decks a bit, you energetically open yourself up to attract more so clean out those closets, fridges, desks, and then sign up for my may webinar and then you will feel ready to really go for it. Clients laugh when they come to me for job coaching and I send them off […]

Clear The Decks

I had a clutter clearing coaching session with a military spouse and she and I discussed the steps it takes to clear clutter before PCSing. We talked about the power of purging, paying attention to where life is overstuffed versus where it is sparse, creating systems that serve our highest self, finding simple and portable storage solutions (ex. labeling our cords) and we had a lot of fun imagining how freeing it might be to finally chuck those unlabeled cords once and for all. We both laughed at our funny habit of sitting in a room that we have just cleaned and taking it all in. I even remember when my kids were younger and I would clean their playroom and then say, “Can you not play right now, I just cleaned it all up!” As silly as it was, it felt like I needed to take in the energy boost before things went back […]

Are we connected? I love connecting with Military Spouses

I just wanted to take a break from my typical military spouse blog posts and just thank you for your service this month and make sure we are connected off this blog. I am not sending out a traditional newsletter anymore but want to make sure you sign up for my email list where I only share coaching tips, and find ways different military spouses can get connected. If you are reading this blog, please take a minute and sign up for my monthly coaching tips right now, and considering joining my monthly free coaching webinars too. While I like being connected on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, my email list is where I keep in touch with former military clients and create relationships with potential clients that want some free life coaching before they consider if they need their own coach. I love to let my email subscribers in on special coaching offers, give them […]

It’s So Easy To Be You!

I love when clients try and tell me they are just a mom, or only an artist, or just a blogger. I really try and hold back the laughter as I almost scream, “are you kidding me, you are so unique and so cool!” I know I get paid to coach military spouses, but I swear the love is free. I have been coaching for fifteen years and what I am learning is the most important concept that I coach people on is how to learn to be OK being themselves. It sounds so easy but it isn’t. Military Spouses usually call me and want to start working together because they are facing a struggle, feeling unhealthy, struggling to find a portable job, or struggling with a deployment and want support or need advise on how to make their marriage stronger but all of my coaching comes down to learning how to love and accept […]

Learn to Love Downtime

Many spouses tell me that military life takes up so much energy that there isn’t always time left for leisure. I hear this from so many military spouse moms during deployments, from those who are moving a lot, those who work outside the home, entrepreneurs, and even from seasoned spouses. So what can we do to make sure we take care of ourselves as well as our loved ones? Tip #1: Turn Your Passion Into a Job You Love When we find work that we love, our leisure and work time can overlap and create greater life satisfaction. Consider how you naturally spend your leisure time—these activities offer hints into a career that you’ll find fun and fulfilling. For example, I ask military spouses looking to discover a career passion what games they enjoyed growing up, what sports and activities they did in high school, and what section of the bookstore they’re drawn to. I […]

Military Spouses Aim for Success

As the winter melts away, our minds and bodies get ready to spring into action. That makes now a great time to begin moving toward our visions in a way that makes us feel joyful and excited. However, it can be easy to confuse being busy with being productive—so be sure to differentiate between working hard versus working purposefully toward your vision. Imagine a person carrying stones across a lawn. We can tell they’re working hard, right? But we don’t admire that person as much as the person who says they’re carrying stones to build a fence or well. Just doing work, aiming randomly and letting the arrows of our efforts fly, isn’t enough—we’ll end up exhausted without making any progress! Instead, really focus on your goals this month. Take that extra moment to get your aim just right before releasing those arrows toward success. Keep Your Eye on the Target I see so many […]

Balancing Health, Relationships, and a Career You Love

Oftentimes, I work with clients who are all jazzed about a new work-from-home gig. However, a few months later, they realize that they’re struggling in other areas of their lives. They may be having trouble maintaining friendships, feeling unfulfilled in their marriages, or even letting their health goals lapse. For many of us, it can end up feeling like whenever we take two steps forward with our careers, we then take one step back in another area of our lives. This is natural! Whenever our career roles change, even for the better, it’s common for some chaos to follow. That’s when it’s time to take a deep breath and realize that you are far from alone. When taking on a new career goal, task, or entirely new job, take some time to share with your spouse, friends, and other loved ones that you could use their support as you advance your profession while learning how […]

OMG, I Had Coffee With Ellie Kay!

Financial guru Ellie Kay has been a long-time mentor of mine—so, I was SUPER excited when she asked me to be a guest on her new podcast, The Money Millhouse (thus the name of this post!). Ellie and her podcast partner, Bethany, invited me to their virtual kitchen to chat about money. I had so much fun connecting with them! Not only do I love that Ellie Kay is a hardworking entrepreneur who turned her passion into a business—but I’m amazed that she did all of this while raising five children, being a fabulous grandmother, publishing dozens of books, becoming the top expert on financial literacy, excelling as a motivational speaker, and working with the most amazing millennial ever, Bethany Bayless! Plus, she manages it all with grace, making her such a mentor to me as well as a genuine leader in the military spouse community. I hope that you will take a minute to […]