Military Spouses Benefit From Decluttering

We can all benefit from decluttering, but military spouses who have an undercurrent of stress in their daily life can benefit even more than others. Getting organized at home allows you to focus on what matters. A clutter-free life makes PCSing simpler and allows you to work on your personal and professional goals and make forward movement towards them. Many of us begin getting organized at home with spring cleaning but then feel as if we need to redo the entire process as summer comes around and the kids have once again cluttered the house with school work and art projects. On top of that, it’s PCS season. So whether or not you’re moving this year, pretend you are, and work on decluttering. It’s amazing what happens when you take a laundry basket and walk around your house getting rid of things that aren’t aligned with bettering your health, increasing your wealth, or achieving closer […]