Clearing the Path out of Overwhelm

Almost every military spouse that hires me uses the word overwhelmed as one of the main reasons she’s hiring me. And its usually over a ton of little things or trying to balance being home with little ones and starting a business. It’s almost as if they can (and have!) dealt with military life’s big stressors (deployments and moves) but it’s the constant little undercurrent of daily stressors, mixed with small tasks that swirl around in our minds, that make them feel as if they are going mad; I’ve been there. Thank goodness my kids are getting a little bit older, but it isn’t easy juggling my coaching practice with writing and driving four kids to sports, life can get pretty hectic, and my spouse is retired! So if you are “in the mix” and feeling totally overwhelmed just please know that you are NOT alone. Some clients tell me, “I know I need to […]

Determine Your Ideal Career Even When You Are A Military Spouse

During this month’s coaching webinar, we are going to talk about how to find the ideal career even if you can’t pursue it right now because  you are supporting your military service member. Military life is so hard. Sometimes we give up on a career because we are following our military member, but that doesn’t mean you can’t recreate your ideal work life and still engage in some version of what makes you tick. Is there a version of your ideal career that you can pursue right now, and then position yourself for an amazing career down the road? And even keep your career skills fresh until your spouse retires from the military? I have seen spouses make all kinds of mistakes in my 15 years of career counseling, and I want to help you avoid them. So join me for this free webinar and position yourself for career success! We will talk about: my […]