Being Artistic with the Kids Art!

After reading “The Dot” by Peter Reynolds I was inspired to create a simple online photo book using photos I have taken throughout the year of my kids various art projects. I just took snapshots of their clay sculptures and scanned some of my favorite school work pieces into a file on the computer. With four kids we just don’t have enough wall space to display it all but I thought a photo book would be fun way to keep all their art together and to be able to look back on it down the road. My eight year old even had fun cropping and choosing the boarders online and for about $20.00 we now have a great memory of the year’s art projects.  This is a great project for a rainy day and with military spouses traveling so much; isn’t a book easier to pack? I even included a few finger paintings created by my little two year old who grinned from ear to ear and an announced in her sing song voice, “my art, my art!”. Her older sister edited the book’s design.  Any other great ideas for capturing and keeping kid’s art for those of us that don’t have a large attic?

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