Don’t Try to Be Perfect—Just Be Yourself!

The summer into fall is such a busy time of year that if you can make meal time easier you can focus on the new school schedule and the sports. Having some prepped snacks, pre-game bagel pizzas, and after game treats make military mom life easier. Are you as resistant as I was? I am telling you to give meal planning a second try!! I did and I am so happy. I know people who plan out seven days of breakfast, lunch, and dinner with matching shopping lists. They’re incredibly impressive, but honestly, this kind of intensive planning just doesn’t work with my lifestyle. I’m better off running to the grocery store a few times a week and going with the flow rather than doing one big shopping trip over the weekend. Figure out what works best for you and your family—look at what you spend in a month’s time and try to assess what […]

Be More Productive and Less Impulsive

If you are anything like me there are times when you can be too impulsive and your lack of planning can negatively impact your health/diet, your work/wealth, and your relationships. You set intentions and then “real life” kicks in and you fall off the wagon. This is normal, but there is a way to tackle this and become more successful. In this month’s free coaching call we will talk about ways that you can conquer this impulsivity with a new plan. Monday, August 28 @ 12 pm Eastern Sign up below to get the details to join us!