Got Goals? Webinar

Grab a cup of coffee and join me on Monday January 28th at noon eastern for free tele-class. This 30 minute content rich course will feel like self care but you will also see results. The best way to ensure a successful 2019 is to create a vision for the year and then set goals, create a plan, and take action!!! I will show you a simple way to create change in each area of your life. Download my free quiz on where you are at and then we will create a plan on how to get to where you want to be. I can’t wait to “see” you on this live call.

Think About Your Summer Plan of Action

Once you create an overall vision of how you want your summer to look and feel, you need to “work the plan” or the days will all begin to run together and next thing you know, you’ll look up and it will be September already. I mean, how often have you heard the question, “Where did the summer go?” Avoid this feeling by planning out each week the same way you do during the productive parts of the year. Even if you’re scheduling downtime, it’s good to sit down and map out a plan before military life starts to feel too chaotic. At the beginning of each new week, I sit down on Sunday nights, look at the days ahead, and think about what I will do for exercise, for work, and for family time. While these activities are tweaked during the summer compared to how they look during the school year, I need to […]

Create A Summer Routine

Summer may be the time for vacations and fun, but it can also be an incredibly stressful season for moms in general, and military spouses specifically. Having the kids at home all day can create a feeling of chaos and disorder that quickly becomes overwhelming. I’ve found that the best way to avoid overwhelm is to create a summer routine that brings some order into our lives, without making it overly structured. Set The Tone For Each Day Setting the tone for the day is an excellent way to start things off right, and it can also help your summer routine go smoother. One way to approach it is to think of the images that you have on your vision board and try to manifest them by acting the part. My clients may post photos on their vision boards of super fit, super happy working moms or of couples walking hand in hand and kids […]

Create A Summer Vision!

There’s never a bad time to make a vision board. While I do my vision board in January, many of my clients find the time to get theirs done in the summer. And I often do a summer vision board with my kids because it’s a great opportunity for kids to think about their goals for the following school year. I’ll invite my girlfriend over and we’ll buy magazines and stickers and let the kids’ creative juices flow! If you aren’t up for making a full vision board with the kids, you can still get some summer goals in writing. We take some time towards the end of June to jot down what we want to get done over the summer. This includes our “summer bucket list” of fun things we want to be sure to fit in before school starts back up. This looks like a kitchen bulletin board adorned with camp schedules, amusement […]

Military Spouses Benefit From Decluttering

We can all benefit from decluttering, but military spouses who have an undercurrent of stress in their daily life can benefit even more than others. Getting organized at home allows you to focus on what matters. A clutter-free life makes PCSing simpler and allows you to work on your personal and professional goals and make forward movement towards them. Many of us begin getting organized at home with spring cleaning but then feel as if we need to redo the entire process as summer comes around and the kids have once again cluttered the house with school work and art projects. On top of that, it’s PCS season. So whether or not you’re moving this year, pretend you are, and work on decluttering. It’s amazing what happens when you take a laundry basket and walk around your house getting rid of things that aren’t aligned with bettering your health, increasing your wealth, or achieving closer […]

I Believe in Military Spouse Success

I believe military spouses can be super successful if they just get rid of what doesn’t serve them and believe in themselves. Sometimes there is so much on our plate as a military spouse that we can’t imagine how to fit in success. We want better health, more wealth, and cleaner closets but we don’t have the time or energy to make even 1% changes, or so it seems. I am here to promise you that if you decide to be successful, pockets of time will start showing up, but it requires some faith! The best predictor of future performance is past performance. So, by focusing on your past accomplishments, you really set the stage to attract more achievement toward you. Including this important aspect in your mission statement thus allows you to more easily make progress toward reaching both your seasonal and long-term goals regarding health, wealth, and relationships. Plus, this progress will be […]

Write Your “Go For It” Statement

Start the process of writing your go for it (another name for my mission statement work) by reflecting on your past and choosing five accomplishments of which you are especially proud. Then, consider the habits, actions, and behaviors that led to these particular successes. Ask yourself, “how would I teach these competencies to someone else?” After you’ve written a sentence or two about teaching others, contemplate your answers. Then, write a few sentences about the insights you’ve realized from this process. Ask yourself, “what does my writing tell me about how I work best?” Now you have the basic components of your own personal mission statement—this paragraph of “explanations” effectively demonstrates how you best operate! Just make sure to word everything positively so that the paragraph inspires you to keep moving forward.

Imagine Your Ideal Military Spouse Lifestyle

I love helping military spouses mediate on the lifestyle they want and this includes what type of physical environment you want. What does a perfect 10 look like to you when you think of your home? Your home is an extension of who you are so imagine a neat kitchen, bedroom, office, and imagine how that feels and what energy it brings to you. A great tool to use when you are gaining clarity on how to motivate yourself to declutter your home is to your values (a list is available for you in my client area, help yourself) and by clearing your decks a bit, you energetically open yourself up to attract more so clean out those closets, fridges, desks, and then sign up for my may webinar and then you will feel ready to really go for it. Clients laugh when they come to me for job coaching and I send them off […]

Happy Mother’s Day To The Military Spouse Community!

I am so excited that my baby sister just became a mother! She named her so after my father that passed away, so when she shared his name I chocked up. I am so proud of her and excited for her to become a mom. I am also happy for all my clients that balance motherhood with military life and work like; you all do so much and deserve a pat on the back. Just being a Military Spouse is something that you should really be proud of because your love and support are what makes our country so strong and just surrender to how amazing you are and motherhood is just another amazing thing that many of you spouses do, so if you are a mom, I am sending extra hugs out to my mommy clients and hope that you enjoy the special day.

Military Spouse Appreciation Day

I am excited to be a part of Military Spouse Magazine’s Military Spouse of The Year Awards. I read the spouses stories and I am just so inspired by the strength that so many military spouses exhibit. Being part of the event is an honor and I am excited to share step by step coaching on how to create “go for it” statements. This is a theme that I will be addressing this month, along with a Webinar on decluttering because as we define who we are, we need to get rid of things that no longer serve us and this often includes physical things. I will talk more about this in my upcoming Webinar at the end of may and hope that many of you will be able to attend. Add photo from event here (I am away may 8th, post may 11th which is military spouse appreciation day. Go for it statements rock […]