How To Focus On Work When “The World Is Ending”

One of my closest friends and fictional writing partner is very sarcastic. She makes references to “well, before the world was ending…” and I realize that she’s used humor well to deal with what is going on in the world. All kidding aside, I have so many clients asking me, “Krista, how do I focus when I’m working from home?” and “It’s hard to watch the news.” Most of my sessions (now all over the phone or via zoom) start with, “I’m trying my best to adjust to the ‘new normal’ so I thought I would blog about how to focus in the midst of the chaos in the world. Many military spouses feel as if they have “been there, done that” and now the rest of the world is experiencing the undercurrent of stress that they have always felt. Read through my six reminders on how to stay calm while moving forward as you […]

8 Things to Do When You Are Plunging Into a New Career

I recently did a podcast on this topic but wanted to outline it here as well. I hope you will find these tips helpful if you are thinking about plunging into a new career. I also wanted to give a little shout out to for sponsoring that podcast. This company makes nutrition products that my hubby loves; if you are looking for a post-performance work out drink, type RICKWELLS in when you check out and you will get a discount. I love the cranberry lime flavor. Okay, okay, now let’s get on with those tips.

What the heck is a Life Coach, and do I even need one?

When I think of the phrase “life coach,” I think of my high school field hockey coach, Ms. Baldwin. Ms. Baldwin was full of energy and spunk; she had a bouncing blonde ponytail and wore those leather high-top Reeboks in different colors, her shoes always matching her leggings. I can picture her running up and down the grassy field while holding her whistle and shouting “go get ‘em!” from the sidelines. Ms. Baldwin embraced all the characteristics of a true “coach.” What do we do when high school is over and we still need help getting focused and winning at our own game of life? Ms. Baldwin would literally jump two feet in the air when we scored. Do you ever feel like you need a Ms. Baldwin to notice when you are winning at life? I do. In 2003, I began cheering on other military spouses who wanted to find their passion and grow […]

6 “Shoulds” We Should Let Go Of During The Quarantine

Lots of us are struggling right now. We are re-prioritizing our lives, realizing that our health is number one, and many of us are looking around at the pace in which we were living and doing our best to embrace a simpler versions of our lives. Through taking walks, baking, and coloring with the kids, many of us are realizing that there is a silver lining as we are forced to hit the “life reset” button. However, many women who I speak with are still pushing themselves internally, even as the external pressures let up. These women tell me they are struggling to manage their own stress as they are charged with taking care of others. I get it. I’m trying to oversee my four kids’ online schooling, maneuver life with the hubby at home (my husband’s a teacher) and manage my online business. While I’m grateful to be able to work over phone, it […]

6 Tips for Making Military Marriages Work

Military life is often filled to the brim with stressors, and a military marriage is no easier. This includes anxiety associated with finances, moving, deployment, and even reintegration. And, to put it lightly, none of these factors make a marriage any simpler! However, some military couples combat these life stressors with surefire strategies that allow them to not only survive, but actually thrive in their relationships. From their stories, I’ve created a list of the things that happy couples have told me are key ingredients in their fulfilling partnerships and I’d love to hear from you guys too. As with any goal, we need to define what we want in our marriage. Only then can we focus on the things that are going well. What we focus on grows, so if we can stop focusing on being competitive and instead try to create more intimacy, laughter, and compromise, we’ll begin moving in the right direction. […]

Got Goals? 2020 Goals Planning Webinar

Grab a cup of coffee and join me on Friday, January 10 at 11 a.m. eastern for free tele-class. This 30-minute content rich course will feel like self care but you will also see results. The best way to ensure a successful 2020 is to create a vision for the year and then set goals, create a plan, and take action!!! I will show you a simple way to create change in each area of your life and show you how to create a plan on how to get to where you want to be. I can’t wait to “see” you on this live call.

Make New Friends, But Keep The Old

So many of my military spouse clients tell me that they have a lot of demands on their time. They have friends on base, off base, from mom groups, and then are trying to network for their side hustle, sometimes after working their 9-5. There isn’t enough time to accomplish goals and they are doing this all while supporting their spouse who may be deployed. With this undercurrent of stress its so important to surround yourself with the right tribe!! Don’t settle for gossipy moms that get you nowhere, really seek out who you need to surround yourself with in order to be the best version of you that there is. Is Debbie downer moving you closer to your seasonal goal? Are you making time for that professional networking group that you have a gut feeling will move you ahead? Have you given yourself permission to hire a personal trainer to learn a new workout […]

Clearing the Path out of Overwhelm

Almost every military spouse that hires me uses the word overwhelmed as one of the main reasons she’s hiring me. And its usually over a ton of little things or trying to balance being home with little ones and starting a business. It’s almost as if they can (and have!) dealt with military life’s big stressors (deployments and moves) but it’s the constant little undercurrent of daily stressors, mixed with small tasks that swirl around in our minds, that make them feel as if they are going mad; I’ve been there. Thank goodness my kids are getting a little bit older, but it isn’t easy juggling my coaching practice with writing and driving four kids to sports, life can get pretty hectic, and my spouse is retired! So if you are “in the mix” and feeling totally overwhelmed just please know that you are NOT alone. Some clients tell me, “I know I need to […]