Article: Roll Up Your Sleeves

Goal Setting CAN Be A Lot Of Fun!
Hopefully all of you own a goal setting journal that you keep on your desk or nightstand, and you are now a “believer” when it comes to writing goals. As I previously mentioned, goal setting can be easy and fun if you are focused on committing to goals that are meaningful and inspire you. I think the hardest part of goal setting is really choosing the goals that align with your vision and creating the time to commit to them. A positive feeling toward your goal is so much more important than the specific steps, because if the passion comes from within, the rest will fall into place.  When you hit the proverbial hiccups in the road you will feel the fear but stay in action until the frustrations subside. Once you think of your goal, ask yourself why it is important, when are you going to work on your goal, and what you will do to keep yourself motivated to accomplish it?

Your goal-setting preparation will include clearing out the old clutter and negative energy in your life and replacing it with organized space and positive thinking and speaking regarding your goals. You aren’t going to do your goal for a reward, but rather for a feeling, so you will want your goals to excite and energize you. By ensuring they are exciting, you are embracing the art of goal setting on a regular basis.  Sounds simple, but those famous five questions are powerful precursors to goal setting: who, what, where, when, and (most important) why need to be answered in order for you to set yourself up for success and enjoy the process.

When I am working with a client I like to start with a broad vision and work down to the specifics like a funnel. This can be a vision board (a bunch of photos on a poster board of what you want to attract into your life) or a list of 60 things you want accomplish in your lifetime. The list writing is fun and creative and most importantly limitless. But then you need to come up with a specific focus, YES! creative people can still be creative if they write down their goals on paper! It’s not just a “Christmas list” but more about the impact you want to have on the world and successful people that make a big impact on the world have written goals. Who do you want to be, and what do you want to be remembered for? This all falls under a broad vision but by doing this first visioning step, your goals now have a home.

Once you have created your “wish list” you should choose the one that resonates with you now and begin working on it immediately. These goals can be anything you like. Perhaps you will want three goals, one for each area of your life. For example, a focus or intention for your body, mind, and soul and a goal in the area that you wish to move forward.

Think of where will you work on your goal? (is your office inspirational enough?) When will you work on the goals? (Get out your calendar and note it.) Why are you committed to this goal? (Be passionate here.) Who will help you to maintain inspiration? (I suggest joining a support group or structured mastermind group for support.)

Goal Setting Checklist

  • I have a broader life vision and mission with which my goals align.
  • I love my goals. (You must have a positive relationship with your goals!)
  • Where will you work on your goal?
  • When will you create time for this goal.

Who will help you get there?


Krista Wells, Ph.D. is The Military Spouse Career Coach a career coach specializing with military spouses and girlfriends, and contributing writer for, and the National Military Spouse Network. Krista is a motivational speaker focusing on military spouse issues. She specializes in delivering career related workshops at military bases. For more information contact Krista at

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