What areas of your life are the most bottlenecked and in need of adjustment?

different color notebooks

While different for each of us, we all know an area in our lives that, if organized, would give us the most bang for our buck. What would it feel like to fix that one area of your life?

Don’t think of what is easiest to declutter. Think about the one area of your life that if it was cleaner, smoother, more managed, you would be more successful. I have cleaned my closet and put the hangers all facing south, and only turned the hanger north after wearing the outfit. I have put stickies on kitchen gadgets and vowed to discard them if there is still a stickie in six months, but I am talking about something bigger here. Something that if you changed would create REAL change in your life. I put this challenge out to my clients and they each had big aha moments. What are you putting off? It is usually very personal and you can complete a whole cookie cutter decluttering session but still feel stuck until you face this big one for you.

How will your mindset shift if something that was once a chore becomes a joyful experience? For example, I used to feel rushed when I had to get someone a gift and now I find the process of gift wrapping joyful and meditative. This change can translate into so many areas of our lives where we allow “environmental tolerations” to rob us of otherwise pleasant experiences.

When I thought about decluttering in the past, I focused on purging and organizing my belongings, but now I think about decluttering more holistically. As a working mom of four kids, I used to feel overwhelmed by my “business notes.” I read at night while jotting notes down in my diary, I listened to podcasts and wrote notes on a sheet of loose leaf paper, and I attended great conferences while scribbling in a USAA journal. My notes were kept in many places, making it difficult to remember where I had written down various ideas.

So, I made a conscious decision to become more organized with my note taking. I decided to use colors to help me because I am a very visual person. I now have a yellow notebook that contains my daily to-do list. I have a green notebook that I use for my podcast, book, conference, training, and other learning notes. I like using green for these money-making ideas and having a specific place in which to brainstorm ideas for the future. If I ever forget about a great idea, I’ll know where to find it. I also have a blue notebook that I use for my military spouse business. This blue notebook is where I keep notes from conversations with clients, meetings with my web designer, conversations with my podcast co-hosts, and anything else that is business related.

The system isn’t perfect but overall I feel a bit more organized when it comes to note taking.

I love the topic of decluttering, creating sacred spaces and processes that best serve each of us.

By completing these three important steps in my last few blog posts, you will really see some amazing results and move yourself closer to achieving your goals. Please share with other military spouses looking to progress from good lives to great lives.

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