Anti-Procrastination Strategies

1. Reward Yourself

The first thing to do to keep you motivated is to come up with your own rewards for completing a task or project. For example, getting a bowl of your favorite snack while working can serve as a reward. Every time you finish working on a problem area, you can eat a part of the snack. This way, you will be motivated to continue working forward just to have a taste of that small reward.

2. Find an Accountability Buddy

The second thing you can do to make sure you stay motivated is to ask someone to check up on you. The support of this person making sure that you are alright and that you are on track will help to pressure you to continue working. It will motivate you to ensure that when they return to see what you have been doing, you can show that you have actually been working successfully. On the other hand, it is like having your boss walk in randomly and seeing that you have not accomplished anything.

3. Be Accountable To Your Own Actions

Another thing that can be done is to determine and carry out an unpleasant consequence for not doing the task. You can take away the rewards you have set for yourself or spend more time at the computer working instead of walking outside. Basically, instead of taking a break and relaxing in the middle of work to reward yourself for getting so much done, you will sit there and continue working because you are punishing yourself for relaxing when you should have been working hard.

4. Weigh & Seek Out Your Best Options

The fourth thing that can be done is to work out the cost of the time you have utilized and think how this cost will impact your employer’s budget. This is where you will see how much pay you will get if you complete the assignment on time versus submitting it late. It is about doing things which your manager has deemed important on time for you to get paid.

Procrastination Killer Tips For Chronic Procrastinators

If you are a person who procrastinates because you are disorganized, then the above tips which aim to stop procrastination will not apply to you. Instead, the tips that follow might work for you since they will show you how to get organized.

1. Write Down A Simple To-Do List

The first thing you can do is to write down a simple to-do list of daily tasks. This is to ensure that nothing is forgotten and that you complete everything no matter how unpleasant or overwhelming the tasks are.

2. Set Priorities

The second thing to do is to look at this list and arrange the tasks from the most important to the least. Doing the things that are most important first will produce the best outcome for the day. Once this task is done, you should remember that other things still need to be done, but they are not as important.

3. Scheduling & Project Planning

The third thing to do is to become better at scheduling and project planning. This way, you will know exactly when to start your projects and tasks.

4. Set The Time Required To Complete Each Individual Tasks

The next thing you can do is to set a certain amount of time for each item on the list. You should be able to make an estimate as to the amount of time you will need to complete a task on the list.

For example, cleaning a kitchen might only take an hour while completing an entire website might take five hours. Ensuring that you can work within the allocated time and working close to it will help you to stay on schedule. The most important thing to do is to focus on one task at a time. If a task becomes too overwhelming or if you are seeing too much on the list, try to break things down into smaller sections. This will help you to create a better plan which
will allow you to continue working and rewarding yourself instead of just stopping altogether for the rest of the day.

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