I love the New Year because it signifies a blank slate and a fresh start. This year I whipped out my coaching wheel exercise and looked at where I was at versus where I was last year. I also re-did my vision board ( and this time I tried to make it less crowded with photos so I would have room for more goals to add through the year. I taught a couple of vision board workshops this month and realized how fun it is to get together with a group of amazing women and the power of that synergy in terms of motivating each other, great workshops!! My big goal this year is to start writing a book for military spouses on coaching them to success.  My “gremlin” voice says I can’t do this because I am not a writer, don’t have time, but I am going to go for it anyway. I need to “practice what I preach” and make time for it on top of the never ending pile of laundry I am looking at right now. I am part of an amazing coaching group called big fish nation (very similar to my Military Spouse Year Long Bootcamp)  and oh my goodness, it’s been a great experience to be coached by Lorin and my coach Amy!! I finally feel focused!!  I am learning the importance of writing out my vision and yearly goals as well as something new Lorin had me do; write my goals out for the next 10 years. I of course had to do this in PENCIL but it was interesting to feel the difference between sticking a photo on my vision board vs. actually committing a plan to paper, ugh.  Then Lorin had us write our life vision and read it to the others on the call and I learned a lot from this process. I learned that my vision was boring and it felt very cliché and definitely needs more tweaking. I realized after reading it that I need to come up with something deeper, but hey its not a finished product, only my work in progress. The other thing I learned from listening to these amazing female entrepreneurs was that when they read their visions, they all sounded so doable…perhaps because I didn’t have any personal fear associated with them. I could have sat back and brainstormed for hours on how each one of these women could just make it happen! It made me realize how much we let our own emotions get in the way of taking action steps towards success.