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Krista Hershey Wells

Krista Wells, The Military Spouse Coach® loves connecting with the broader audience of military spouses beyond those she currently sees in her private practice. Krista has been coaching military spouses for over a decade and her mission is to empower military spouses to become healthier, wealthier, and wiser while serving those who serve. Krista’s presence sparks motivation and spouses adore her down to earth approach, straight talk and humor, and always walk away with new tools that are easy to implement.  She has collaborated with Family Readiness Group Leaders to co-create programs that serve spouses, hosted workshops of finding portable professions spouses are passionate about and she has been a key note speaker for several military spouse award ceremonies. She offers reasonable rates, but books up fast, so contact her today to make sure she is a part of your next spouse event. Krista Wells loves to discuss speaking opportunities right away so she can pencil your event in her calendar!

Sample topics of Krista’s speeches…

  • Spouses Sailing Towards Success
  • Goal Setting with Energy and Commitment
  • Dealing with Deployment
  • Plunging into a New Career!
  • Finding a Perfect Portable Profession™
  • What Are Your Big Rocks? Prioritizing and simplifying life
  • How to Make Military Marriage Work

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Workshops and Teleclasses

Krista offers both TeleClasses and live interactive workshops conducted over the telephone like a conference or in person at your military base. Free teleclasses are available monthly on facebook (The Miltiary Spouse Coach) fan page or book her to offer a teleclass for you FRG. Once you register for a Teleclass, you will receive an e-mail with the telephone number and access code for your free Teleclass. Be sure to put this information in a safe place where you can easily find it. Krista has conducted teleclasses on volunteering, dealing with deployment, and numerous other issues. Contact Krista if you are interested in sponsoring a FREE tele-class or live workshop for your FRG/spouse group.

Krista Wells the Military Spouse Coach
Krista at a spouse event

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