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Come Up for Air in October

When my four kids were little, I used to feel really sad when they went back to school in the autumn. However, this September I actually looked forward to getting back into a routine, albeit a busy one, filled with fall sports and various back-to-school events. I’ve come to love the little moments of quiet between getting the kids out the door and the bus pulling away. As the autumn begins, I feel a combination of total overwhelm and excitement for the season ahead. After all, as fun as these events are, this season can be incredibly busy for many of us! And I’ve come to learn that my active creative brain makes mistakes from time to time, especially during this hectic time of year. That’s why I’m here to tell you that slipping up every once in a while is perfectly okay. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff The first week of September, I scheduled […]

You’re Invited to My Free Coaching Call!

If you’re a military spouse or read my blog, then I want to invite you to connect with me on a live coaching call on Monday, September 25th at 12 PM EST/9 AM PST. Be Gentle With Yourself I feel like less is more when it comes to goal setting, and I’ve encouraged my clients to focus on 1% daily changes rather than big leaps forward. This call will focus on taking these small steps every day toward achieving our seasonal goals. We’ll talk about being gentle with ourselves and trusting that, when the time is right, we’ll take big action steps. I know it isn’t easy, but support and encouragement from a coach can go a long way in helping nudge you toward creating a life you are excited about. For More Support To prepare for the call, you can download the free Military Spouse Coach coaching wheel. Simply fill in the blanks to […]

Self-Forgiveness at #USAADigiMil in Texas

This week, I am embracing the theme of personal and professional development as I attend the 2017 #USAADigiMil conference. This is an annual USAA networking event that helps entrepreneurs and professionals who serve the military community connect with one another. The conference allows attendees to share best practices and learn more about all that the USAA does for our military families. #USAADigiMil (the USAA Digital Military Experience) is a great community that brings together some truly awesome business professionals to help better serve our military families. Plus, this event never fails to make me proud of all I have done and be a little kinder to myself when I feel overwhelmed or make mistakes. Focus on the Good Whenever I get flustered from the logistics of finding babysitters for the kiddos and asking other mothers to give them rides to and from sports (thank God for Amy S.!), I try to take a moment to put […]

Embrace Your Love of Learning

I love going shopping for back-to-school supplies with my kids. With fresh pencils and blank sheets of loose-leaf paper in hand, I feel like the world is my oyster. One of the reasons I appreciate my kids’ Montessori school is that the program works to teach children a genuine love for learning. I think it’s this commitment to constantly growing and taking on new challenges that make us yearn for fresh school supplies and feel like the world is full of possibilities every time fall rolls around. Make Learning a Lifelong Commitment I want my clients to share in the same love of learning as my children. After all, so many of you are constantly tackling new challenges every day. And, just like my kids, many of you find that, by taking one step toward learning something new, success takes one step back toward you. My clients are great sources of inspiration. Recently, one spouse […]

Getting Results!

Get clarity on exactly what you need to change your life today. We will be discussing each of your results and what you can do next based on your unique scores on this assessment so join me for an interactive class on how you can each start getting huge breakthroughs and major results in just 30 minutes of coaching. Before this teleclass download my free report and assess your own coaching wheel results. This free course is only offered once a year so make sure you put it on your calendar or reach out to me and ask for a recording of this powerful call. Can’t wait to help you start getting major results! Monday, September 25, 2017 at 12 pm EDT/ 9 am PDT Sign up below to get the details to join us!

Don’t Try to Be Perfect—Just Be Yourself!

The summer into fall is such a busy time of year that if you can make meal time easier you can focus on the new school schedule and the sports. Having some prepped snacks, pre-game bagel pizzas, and after game treats make military mom life easier. Are you as resistant as I was? I am telling you to give meal planning a second try!! I did and I am so happy. I know people who plan out seven days of breakfast, lunch, and dinner with matching shopping lists. They’re incredibly impressive, but honestly, this kind of intensive planning just doesn’t work with my lifestyle. I’m better off running to the grocery store a few times a week and going with the flow rather than doing one big shopping trip over the weekend. Figure out what works best for you and your family—look at what you spend in a month’s time and try to assess what […]

A Chopped Up Veggie Keeps The Junk Food Away

Batch Cooking Rocks! On Tuesday taco nights, I often cook up extra meat to freeze. These leftovers can then be used in soups, on nachos, or in quesadillas throughout the week. Whether it’s for lunch, a snack, or on the weekend when I take a break from cooking, it never hurts to have extra food ready to eat. Whenever I find little pockets of time in my day, I try to cook or prepare extra food to have on hand. For example, when I buy fruit, I try to wash it and put it in containers for ready-to-go snacks. If I’m making steak, I cook extra to put on salads another day. Just make sure to let it cool before storing it! Think of preparing extra food as a self-care method that eases your stress and workload. Get Inspiration From Real Military Spouses! While I love looking at Real Simple recipes, I often find that […]

Create A Master Recipe Binder

I keep a recipe binder with some blank pages at the beginning where I can jot down new ideas or suggestions from my kids. I realized that I never used our recipe cards, but once I put them in sheet protectors and organized them in a single binder, it was easy to flip through them for inspiration. My recipe binder is divided into sections based on the meal themes that I chose for my week—I’ll explain themes next—each filled with some of my favorite, go-to recipes. I’m always adding to my master recipe lists with new ideas I’ve seen on Pinterest, learned about from the meal planning service Plated, or heard about from friends. I would love to know your favorite recipe websites, please comment below. I LOVE Theme Nights I love dedicating Mondays to meatless soups made in a crockpot and Tuesdays to tacos. Just having a meal theme to inspire me each day […]

Meal Planning Tips From The Military Spouse Coach

As a military spouse, I need truly simple meal ideas—quick, healthy foods that will fit between a 4 pm baseball drop off and 7 pm ballet pickup. I usually check out Real Simple magazine while waiting in the checkout line at the grocery store, but even these “simple” ideas often seem too complicated for my busy life. My podcast, The Military Spouse Show, is for motivated military spouses who care about their health, wealth, and relationships. Take my word for it: meal planning directly—and positively—affects each of these areas of your life. Planning your meals in advance will help you eat healthier, save money, and make mealtime less stressful, all of which will give you more time to connect with your busy family. Don’t let meal planning intimidate you—customized meal planning should make our lives easier! Stick to a meal planning method that works for your individual style and your family’s unique schedule. While there’s […]