You Are Already Successful

I recently had a client tell me that she felt guilty that she wasn’t working anymore. She kept referring to her actions as “just” or “only” doing certain things. She was “only” walking instead of going to the gym. She was “just” reading with her son instead of reading herself, “only” managing a deployment, “just” watching her son, “only” taking care of the finances, “just” cleaning the house, and the list went on and on. Avoid “Just” and “Only” Statements These kinds of “only” or “just” statements kept coming from her mouth, even though everything she said amounted to a series of huge accomplishments in my eyes. “Angela,” I said, “you’re already doing so much!” And this client, like many of us, really seemed to demonstrate that she was (1) already incredibly successful and (2) expecting WAY too much from herself. Celebrate Your Successes Even our everyday tasks can be hugely meaningful for both ourselves […]

Make Success Contagious

Would you like to wake up confident and motivated to keep taking steps toward your success? In my free November coaching call, we’ll be doing just that—learning how to be excited that we’re on a path toward success the instant we wake up every morning. Take the first actions toward making your success contagious (both to others and yourself!) with these brief tips, below. Then, check back later in the month for my free coaching call to help you make even more progress. Start Small Have you ever gone on a diet and tried to totally change the way you eat overnight, only to quickly give up? We often make our goals too big and our timelines too short. Such huge hurdles can be discouraging, making it hard to achieve success. Instead, I’m going to discuss a new way of approaching goal-setting. This tactic asks us to start really small and make changes that are […]

Trick Your Brain Into Success

One of my favorite resources I use with clients is a book called Get Clients Now by C. J. Hayden. It offers some great suggestions for marketing content, developing processes that help you take consistent action toward goals, and holding ourselves accountable. What I love most about the book, however, has nothing to do with business at all! The most beneficial change I see when following Hayden’s teachings is the progress that occurs in our lives outside of business simply from the momentum generated by taking consistent action. Start With an Idea To get the juices flowing, simply start by writing a progress goal (mine was to grow my email list by offering freebies on my homepage, www.militaryspousecoach). This objective can be in any area of your life, from business to your relationships to health. The amazing part is, no matter which area you choose, you will start to see progress across all areas of […]

Get Psyched for What’s Next

New opportunities require searching for what’s coming next in your life. If you’re just completing a celebratory phase after accomplishing a health, work, or relationship goal—perfect—now’s the ideal time to decide how to live your life even more fabulously! Even when you are ¾ of the way toward achieving your goal, you can begin thinking about what ambitions are ready to enter your horizon so that you can stay in motion. This is one of the reasons why stopping to celebrate is so important! We all know those people who work and work and work but never stop to really soak in all that they have accomplished and live gratefully. Finding the Perfect Balance Next month, we’re going to start talking about getting our winter goals into writing – so, take October to really celebrate all of the progress you’ve made and how much of a rock star you are for taking even the smallest […]

Celebrate Something You’re Proud Of

Recently, one of my clients was complaining that she hadn’t made enough progress toward her original coaching goal, and I had to stop her. I reminded her of how much progress she had made, saying, “You just moved to a new house. And you’re getting along great with your spouse. Don’t you think these are things to celebrate?!” The truth is: we all do this. We are so hard on ourselves that we create blind spots when it comes to what is going really well in our lives. However, my coach, Amy Cotter, says, “what we focus on grows!” so I try to find something to celebrate each month regardless of what’s written down in my goal journal or what I’m working toward on my vision board. Part of why we set goals is to enjoy the journey. So I say, stop and celebrate the process this month. Focus on the Good It’s so easy […]

Celebrate Yourself by Planning an Artist Date

Many military spouses could use a reminder to just stop and celebrate being amazing partners who are serving our country on the home front. And one fabulous way to do this is by planning an artist date. Most of my readers know that I love artist and author Julia Cameron (she’s even listed on my newly-updated free resources page). Following her advice, I begin each day with my favorite form of meditation by writing my morning journal pages. However, another of her suggestions that I’ve also found helpful is what she calls an artist date. What Are Artist Dates? Artists dates are preplanned outings that you take alone to simply enrich and add some creativity to your life when you need it most. This month for my artist dates, I’m visiting journalist and author Anna Quindlen, as well as checking out a happiness club that I keep getting emails from. It’s all about trying new […]

This October, Celebrate You!

If you’re a new blog reader, welcome! But if you’ve been reading my blog, participating in my free monthly coaching calls, or listening to my podcast, The Military Spouse Show (available on iTunes and Stitcher), then chances are you already have quite a few tools for success at your disposal. Whether you’ve been making vision boards, setting seasonal goals, planning weekly action steps, or all of the above, you’ve likely been seeing meaningful improvements in your health, wealth, and relationships. In November, we’ll be assessing where we are before planning out our 2018 goals. However, I love to save October for a month of coming up for air and just celebrating being the fabulous person you already are today! Come Up for Air As military spouses (and moms), we often put everyone else’s needs before our own. So this October, try to take some ‘me’ time just for yourself. Celebrate who you are with no […]

Simplify Your Life With My Free Coaching Call on October 30th

I love swapping the word “decluttering” for the phrase “creating simplicity.” It’s hard to feel inspired about decluttering your home and workspaces, but creating simplicity sounds fun! The “why” of making life simpler just makes sense. Plus, living in flow automatically motivates you more. This month, I talk about how simplifying your life and surroundings can put you in a mindset that attracts success. Plus, for more support, check out my free coaching call on October 30th! Convey Simplicity with Your Surroundings Whether simplifying means literally redesigning the spaces around you or even restructuring your day planner for a more effective schedule, I love how even small changes can have a huge positive impact on our day to day lives. Spend a few moments looking at the different areas of your life before committing to simple routines and reorganizing your spaces towards simplicity. For example, you might add simple ‘in’ and ‘out’ baskets for your […]


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